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Someone who is convinced that anything that goes wrong with their PC is a result of the newest computer virus. Whether or not they have any information at all to justify this claim.

The common household cyberchondriac is just a retard that doesn't know how to use their computer... And tells themselves (and others) that it is due to "the viruses".

A common misdiagnosis of Cyberchondria is in regards to someone who is simply paranoid and thinks their computer always has viruses. This is incorrect. A simple way to differentiate is that cyberchondriacs only believe they have viruses in regards to the functionality, usability, or otherwise mechanical well being of their PC. A paranoid person always thinks they have viruses regardless if their machine is appearing to work without incidence.
(Joe's computer starts going crazy when he clicks on something)
Rob: "What did you just do?"
Joe: "I don't know," (<--- take note of that phrase) "but my computer keeps going crazy. It's probably because of some new virus."
Bob: "Really?"
(Joe stares forward into space with a blank look on his face that only serves to reveal the absence of any intelligent fraction of a brain, and an IQ below 70.)
Rob: (Whispers to Bob) "It's okay, he's just a cyberchondriac."
by mxysptlik October 03, 2009

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