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When you sit in front of an exam and look at the worksheet and you actually understand NOTHING it's called "the WTF effect". This effect often appears to people who didn't learn enough.
Person A turns around the paper sheet. "Hey, this looks easy"
Person B: "What the Fuck?!"
Person C "Looks like he got the WTF effect"
by mxfilerelatedcache December 14, 2010
Posting But Not Answering

The act of posting stuff at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and co. while not answering to your texts or messages. Often happens on purpose by the person you are awaiting the answer from.
Person A: "Damn, my GF is not answering to my texts"
Person B: "Oh hey look at this, she just posted a photo of her cat on Instagram!"
Person A: "WTF why isn't she answering me?!"
Person B: "Looks like you just got pbna'd!"
by mxfilerelatedcache July 03, 2012

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