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5 definitions by mwphilly

the place where catholic kids go to school because their parents make them. they wear uniforms, and dont care what they look like. they are cheating experts, and don't act catholic at all. they dont care what the public school kids think because theyre having plenty of fun. once you go to a catholic school, your a catholic school kid forever.
public school kid: howd you pass biology?
catholic school kid: the kid next to me was smart.
by mwphilly January 12, 2007
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the football team of philadelphia that is the glue that holds the city together. Lead by Coach Andy Reid, the eagles have shown that they are not completely dependent on T.O.( the peice of crap that he is) or mcnabb (the injury prone amazing quarterback) and have been able to make it to the playoffs without both of these players, which no one said they would do.

and to everyone who says that the eagles are just a bunch of chokers in the NFC championship...was your team even there to lose it?

they also have to best fight song and chant, which you will hear at any philadelphia sporting event, not just football, yea we just have

T.O.- I'm glad i am no longer a player for the philadelphia eagles.

Reporter- Thats funny, T.O., cause I think they beat you twice this year. I think it more like philadelphia is glad your not an eagle.

T.O.- (says nothing because he doesn't have a comeback because you can't fight the truth.)
by mwphilly March 30, 2007
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a shore point on the jersey shore that has the best boardwalk one could ever set eyes on. seperated into four main parts, wildwood is located on a small isand called five mile island. although, more ghetto than ocean city or sea isle, wildwood, is a good time for everyone. most vistors to wildwood come from the philadelphia area. and no trip to wildwood, is complete without a trip to groffs restaruant.
I've benn going to wildwood ever summer since i was born, and it only gets better.
by mwphilly January 16, 2007
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what people who wish they were from philadelphia call the city because they are jealous that they've never actually been part of a town or city that has class.
Philly kid: im from philadelphia!! REPRESENT!!!

Redneck: oh u mean philthadelphia?

Philly Kid: oh shut up. youve never been out of alabama to see it.
by mwphilly March 24, 2007
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god's gift to pennsylvania, new jersey, deleware, and maryland. convience store that makes the best coffee ever. basically, if you live near a wawa, you go there twice a day.
they had to shut down the 7 eleven at the corner of knights in philadelphia because the wawa took all of their busniess
by mwphilly January 16, 2007
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