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1. A city of western California west of San Jose. It has an electronics industry. Population: 40,263.
2. A bubble full of sheltered kids
3. Often hang outs are Starbucks, Santa Clara Billiards, or Tapioca Express.
4. Three main rules:
a. Don't fuck with asian people
b. Don't fuck with the o.g.'s
c. Don't fuck with the asian o.g.'s
5. A gram of weed is $10-15
6. Lynbrook HS, Monta Vista HS, Cupertino HS, Homestead HS, Fremont HS
7. Keep peace
guy a: where you from man?
guy b: cupertino
guy a: where the fuck is that
guy b: my surburb ghetto.
by mwhaha May 17, 2005

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