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2 definitions by muz4ev

Derives from Indigenous Australians living in Shepparton. Can be used during any stage of a conversation and not sound out of place (all purpose use).
Seamus: "SHER BOI"
Winston: Hey, what's going on?

Seamus: what are you doing saturday night?
Winston: smashing box!
Seamus: "SHER BOI"
by muz4ev February 23, 2010
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Min-ver-sation, the act of smooth talking a lady in hope that the outcome is getting some action with the "min". ("min" refering to a womens vagina.)
Selim: I think that girl at the bar is checking you out.
Andrew: Should i have a crack?
Selim: Mmm go give some conversation.
Andrew: i'll go one better, i'll throw some "Minversation"
by muz4ev March 03, 2010
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