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Name of the lady you see walking down the street with bouncy knockers.I see Mrs Titswobble all the time.Like god ,she can be anywhere, anytime.
Walking down the street and there she is again,The lady with her breasts jumping all over the place ,with every stride she takes,something seems familiar to you,and it's not her face,then you remember her name,Its Mrs Titswobble
by munyuck February 02, 2009
To ruin someones joy or good fortune.
as in someone trying to slander or ruin a good situation or event for you.
It can be used as expression anytime somebody reacts in a negative way to your good luck or situation.
She was jealous i had a new hot boyfriend...she lied and told him that i was sleeping around behind his back,she was just trying to poo poo it for me.
by munyuck October 12, 2008
The anticipation one waits to see if one of your own extra special real goodies words get published on the Urban Dictionary Website.
i added some new words to the Urban Dictionary now i have a severe case of Urbanicipation to see if they publish my extra special funny but true words for that special moment of being in the limelight or minute of fame :)
by munyuck October 12, 2008
To loose the plot entirely to the point of smashing,breaking,hollering,bellowing and letting all your anger out in one amazing shared explosion.To go all out in an entirely beserk fit of rage that you have bottled up for a lengthy amount of time that may have been triggered by even a tivial matter and you want to share it with everybody and anything.
That was the last straw I went fucking MUNYUCK.
by munyuck October 05, 2008
Every entire object,item or thing you own and you become a slave for ,for the rest of your life.The more you have and greedier you become,the bigger slave you become for your possesions.Yet the less you own the less slavery you will endure.
Garbologists have lots of them
I am having a yard/garage sale as i have become a slave of my own shit and want less possesions.I don't have to pay for,store ,move or clean for them no longer.Now a new owner can pay me to slave for these possesions or i am throwing them in the garbage bin :)
by munyuck February 02, 2009
A universal uninvented remote control device which would enable the user to overpower another users remote control on any given electronic device, when you don't like what actions the remote control holder is doing with their remote control.
I would invent it if i were Chinese and reading this.
1. I didn't want to watch that program he was watching on pay tv so i used my Remote Control Remote Controller.
2. I was sick of watching him do circles with his remote control helicopter so i overpowered him with my remote control remote controller and made some kickass swoops and dives.
by munyuck October 12, 2008
An expression of any high money figures that nobody knows the real value in the the millions of the billions of the trillions.or the millions of millions of dollars.The type of $ bux that the greater part of the population will never experience as in someone way richer than ourselves.
Brittany Spears must have chenny million bux, she can afford to be a nutcase and make bad choices.
the president/Prime Minister earns chenny million bux a year.
by munyuck October 12, 2008

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