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1)a past tense word referring to marijuana

2)a methodology and belief in a system of peace, a.k.a. the way of the leef where violence is opposed and flight is the believers primary recourse.

3)a rogue in the world of warcraft game, and the creator of the 17/34/0 build, widely known for his bizarre twisting nether ooc chat and under raid leadership
1)"Man, that was some sweet leefs last night"

2) The way of the leefs has kept me from hurting anyone, and I gain peace and comfort from that.

3) leefs /raid "So the bum comes up to me and he whips out a rubber chicken and a hot dog bun and I say, man, its going to take more than a dirty sock and a hypo full of sugar water to get me to give you back these panties"

leefs /raid err, nm, mt

/raid wtf, man
/raid oh, hell noes
/raid lol, omg
by munks August 16, 2006
A throaty sound that imitates the heavy bass pounding that one would hear at a dance club or a strip joint, sometimes used along with suggestive hand motions to communicate a basic desire to mate.

It's encouraged to club dance while making the unsa unsa noise to show friends and onlookers how you would approach a prospective female.

It's also a noise that you can make to one of your friends after watching a hot chick walk by, and it would act much like a soft wolf whistle or a raised eyebrow.
*Hot girl walks by

Matt "unsa unsa"
by munks September 14, 2006
Is a Youtube video containing a bunch of little Japanese cats in a marching band walking from the left of the screen to the right while playing instruments.
by Munks January 26, 2014
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