1 definition by munchkin039

someone that knows who you love, who you have loved, and who you hate. someone that knows more about you than most ever will, and keeps that sacred. someone who knows but doesn't judge.

the person you can count on to be there, at 3am. the one person you can know will never try to take your man. the one that will never betray you.

the person that can order your coffee perfectly, knows what you are talking about when you make no sense. the person that can tell on the phone if the sex was good or not by the way you talk.
regular friend:(to someone else) did you know they broke up? i think i might go out with him sunday...

bestfriend: (to you) so, it sucks that it happened that way, but he wasn't that good, and you can definitely do better... remember that guy from the bar saturday that was checkin you out? lets go see if he is there this weekend!
by munchkin039 April 07, 2009

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