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whore hugger- a john that falls for whore's sad stories,
the whore hugger listened to the sad tale about being beat up and thrown down the stairs by the pimp and paid her in advance because she needs money.

the whore hugger sent a $1000 so she can get the lump checked out.

the whore hugger bought a $500 gift certificate at burbery's so she could go to rehab

he wished he could do more than 500 but the whore hugger could not until his divorce is over
by mumfucker May 11, 2008
A CONWHORE not satisfied with hooking, feels she has to also con the johns
the CONWHORE promised to spend the night with the whorehugger if she received a care package with a thousand bucks because she needed to take care of a problem.

the CONWHORE needed money sent to Colorado because she had to leave the city to get away from the drugs and get clean

the CONWHORE got two thousand bucks from the city council man to have a checkup and spent the money on drugs
by mumfucker June 14, 2008
an old fart with short shelf life
the TWINKIE was taking his blues and yellows to show his whore he was still 17

the TWINKIE was calling his whore day and night promissing a lot of money if she spent the night and wore a strap on to rock his world.

the TWINKIE had to get on all fours and get spanked because the thrill was gone otherwise.
by mumfucker June 14, 2008
a wing man that feels lonely and will pay anybody to keep him company
the WINGNUT paid his hooker in advance to go to dinner and spend the night.

The WINGNUT was visiting he/she websites because he got stood up by his hooker and is in the middle of a divorce.

the WINGNUT promised to invest in the waiter's restaurant venture so he could hang out with him and the hooker he is in love with

by mumfucker June 14, 2008

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