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1 definition by multicoloredeyebrows

The best, most gorgeous girl EVER. She has gone through quite a few rough patches but that only made her a better person. Normally has brown hair and brown eyes and she likes to temporarily dye her eyebrows different colors (e.i. green, purple). She is creeped out by feet. Love music and couldn't live without it. Not usually popular but wishes she was and crushes on people out of her league. Like to paint cute messages on her toes in nail polish. She loves Neon Trees and has no ability to speak another language. Also like Avril Lavigne. Probably not liked by many people and used to be known for being violent but people can change. Likes the color purple. Very nice and is single. Totally hot.
Greg: Oh hey dude, just broke up with Alexa in a text for the second time 'cause I'm a heartless jerk.
Ben: You're such an ass.
Greg: Damn straight I am. And a perv. Don't forget that one.
by multicoloredeyebrows June 27, 2013
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