12 definitions by mullett

noun. a person who frequently depletes resources of some short (most often, but not limited to - food)

see also (bogart)
that stupid grub ate all the damn fritos again
by mullett December 20, 2002
1) a huge female - their width must be greater than their height.

2) to skid around in circles in some type of vehicle
1) haha, look at that donut scarf down the mcd's.

2) i got pulled over for doing donut's at the sizzlers parking lot in my 83' chevy.
by mullett December 20, 2002
a derogatory term for someone of lower intelligence, usually biologically rooted (e.g. downsyndrome)

also see (sped)
watch corky get on the short school bus.
by mullett December 20, 2002
to get his hard in the testicles
i was passing baseball and i got nutted.
by mullett December 20, 2002
to pull your pants down and show your bare ass to unexpecting people.
I got arrested for mooning your grandma.
by mullett January 14, 2003
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