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when you sneeze and fart at the same time
Yesterday I had a cold I sneezed so hard I had a loud snart.All my friends laughed at me
#shart #blow hard #rotten sneeze #nose curler #rosey hot mitt
by muddy melanie July 25, 2006
the Slip n' Slide, is when you cover your bed in a plastic tarp, piss and shit all over it,and then have sex on it rolling all around in the slippery piss and shit.
When I was was five, my uncle gave me a slip n' slide, and I said this is not the same kind of slip n' slide my friends have, that's the last time I ever saw my uncle.
#mudslide #muddy pig pen #brown dream catcher #honey dipper #slippery sack
by muddy melanie July 25, 2006
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