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being chris mccrory is much like being william mcneilly and marc hughes. it maens being the coolest in the world
hey man that piece of cheese we ate last night was so chris mccrory. i cant wait till i get some more.
by mudafucka April 21, 2005
a spanish word meaning paki
oh man i hate that palala
by mudafucka April 22, 2005
a sentance that you use for some one who has been hurt or is acctually crying. you use this to make them feel bad.marc hughes
samuel sam samuelson fell down a clif and broke his neck. chris mccrory was there and pointed at him and said "you crying"
by mudafucka April 22, 2005
a twin is a person who doesnt have there own identity. they are not unique. they wish to be a seperate person but yet they cant
hey mark you are a twin
by mudafucka April 27, 2005

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