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3 definitions by muck

When a person acts like somebody with a mental disorder at a certain point in time, but in fact is sane
Devon plays the bass guitar like a mucktard
by Muck April 16, 2004
Mental Masturbation in the work place; make work nonsense that accomplishes little but take up time. Business faggotry.
Wow, that report was total value additry!
by muck October 24, 2004
Faggot polesmokers who worship the queerest color under the sun and swear it's a virtue. To wit: "God must love Carolina, he made the sky Tarheel Blue." Fucking Biff and Buffy wannabe East Coast effeminate types who routinely switch gender roles in twisted rituals involving strap-ons. Often preceded with the word "fucking".
Stuart Scott is a fucking Tarheel.
by Muck November 03, 2004