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2 definitions by mts311311

Canadian Bacon- mall cop/rent-a-cop
A rent-a-cop has no real authority, but they are still assholes and act like they are part of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. They are still pigs, but they are lame...thus Canadian meaning boring/bland and bacon meaning pigs.
At first I got freaked out when I noticed the uniform, but I realized it was just Canadian bacon so I continued robbing this bitch at gunpoint.
by mts311311 April 13, 2009
When you fuck a girl in the ass, fuck her tits and jizz on them. The dick is the banana, shit= chocolate, jizz=whipped cream, and her nipples are the cherries.
Damn, Becky must have been really horny when she requested that banana split...then she instantly regretted it when I asked her to eat it.
by mts311311 July 27, 2009