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The "Glutton Button" is a western derived term referring to the "top button" of ones trousers and or pantaloons. It is usually hidden by the overlap of a bulging belly after the indulgence of a very satisfying meal. Oftentimes after having ones hunger thoroughly satisfied, the button launches projectile-like from the weakening waistband. Like a blazing star, it shoots across the room looking for a glass to shatter or an eye to maim.

The button is to be undone ONLY after eating a very hearty meal. Failure to do so could result in a violent eruption of the foundation of the blue jeans one wears. If undone under any other circumstance besides the eating a great and hearty dinner, one will look very stupid and their friends will not play with them for the entirety of the evening.
I am so full. It's time I released my glutton button
by mtheadman November 12, 2009

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