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that moment when your not sure which end of the burrito to bite into. one side is full of tomatoes and cilantro the other delicious meat, rice, guacomole, and sour cream
shit i just lost burrito roulette i hate when this happens
#burrito #mexican food #taco #burito #mexican
by mtb44 August 29, 2010
when after a very heavy night of drinking you wake up surrounded by destruction in a place you cant recognize, with ripped clothes or completely nude.
"Dude john went hulk last night he slammed a fifth and a half.he did a body slam into a table and thats the last i saw of him, he texted me earlier that he woke up in the middle of a pre school two towns over butt naked."
#avengers #drunk #binge #hulk #slammed
by mtb44 May 28, 2012
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