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An individual member of the Colbert Nation, a group of people enthralled by their Rasputinesque leader Stephen Colbert. Willing to do any number of stunts on the Internet for the pleasure of their mesmerizing leader.
Hey, look! A bunch of Colbert nationalists just spammed UrbanDictionary trying to redefine "Canada's history" as an obscene sex act because Stephen told them to! AWESOMESAUCE. I'll join them!
by mswyrr February 05, 2010
a sex act so depraved it can't be described on TV -- not even basic cable! It involves moose antlers, a jug of maple syrup, and the Stanley cup.
It takes FOREVER to do Canada's history right. And you smell of syrup for days.
by mswyrr February 05, 2010

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