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1 definition by msmumper88

A real lady with sexy style, attitude so spunky, and doesn't need a reason to knock a bitch out. Always down to have a good time, and doesn’t care who gets her sauce, as long as there having a good time with her saucy bitch ass.

A girl that always tryin to get all the attention. Gets all the other girls jealous cause she gets all the attention. A stanky bitch that other girls envy, but cant stand. A girl you never bring around your man.
males: Damn check out that saucy bitch, she reminds me of Kim Kardashian, im gonna get at that...

females: That saucy bitch, look at her... she thinks she could have any guy in here, bitch better not bring her saucy ass around my man!
by msmumper88 June 05, 2010