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When you find an amazing parking spot in a crowded lot as if you were a Rockstar and it was saved just for you.
Passenger: Damn, there's crap load of people at Wal-Mart this morning

Driver: That's ok, cause... yup, got my Rockstar Parking right here.

Passenger: Lucky bastard.
by mschne7 June 15, 2009
The handle located near a passenger in a car. It is used in life threatening situations, usually by a spontaneous or involuntary actions.
Passenger: Can you slow down man? You're making me nervous.
Driver: I can't, I need to make it home before my parents
Passenger: Why?
Driver: I left my weed out in the den.
(driver makes a sudden right turn)
Passenger: OH SHIT! You crazy asshole, thanks for this handle though.
Driver: That's exactly why it's called The "Oh Shit" Handle.
Passenger: oh... yea.
by mschne7 June 15, 2009
Describing a place that particularly takes a significantly long time to get too
Dude 1: Hey, why are you 30 minutes late? They almost gave up our table.

Dude 2: Well I didn't realize it takes 45 minutes to get to her house all the way in East Jesusville

Chick: Jerk!
by mschne7 June 29, 2009

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