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- the individual and typically unheralded pursuit of cataloging and recognizing the actions, decisions or events that result in one becoming jaded.

- Jadism is typically codified by one variation or another of George Santayana's quote "The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again".

- in practical application, Jadism typically results in one being the de facto historian and clarion call for dumb or impractical ideas in an organization, particularly when working with the young and inexperienced or ideologues.

- Jadism and Zealotism are not incompatible and can often be complementary under the right circumstances.
Being the experienced practitioner of Jadism in the meeting, I had to inform Timmy that while his idea had been tried and failed countless times over the years, his ignorance of that fact in no way made the idea any less dumb now.
by mrvco February 26, 2012

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