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A person who works in the financial industry and creates fictitious reports or spreads false rumors so as to cause volatile price swings in a security in order to profit from shorting or purchasing the security. A Wall Street Fuck will also use phrases like "smart money" or "bifurcation" to create a false sense of urgency and self aggrandizement.
Wall Street Fuck: "Our charts show that the smart money is now purchasing gold as a bifurcation trade against the weak dollar and rising inflation expectations."
by mrnicegeek March 03, 2010
Also known as "Pump and Dump" a "Booyah Screwyah" refers specifically to Jim Cramer speaking favorably about a security only to have his friends who work in finance unload or take a short position against the very same security. "Booyah" is Cramer's slogan to signify enthusiasm.
Cramer: I say Nividia is a buy buy buy!

Joe: Damn it! Cramer is pumping Nividia again. I bet it drops next week... another booyah screwyah.
by mrnicegeek August 10, 2010
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