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Jimmy Phan Elbows
James: Man jimmy sure sucks at call of duty
Cody: Shut up or hes gonna give you the godly J.P.E.
by mrjames81 January 29, 2010
I need you
John: Iny soo much right now....
Lisa: Screw you
by mrjames81 December 16, 2009
The time in between fall and winter , where it clicks in an Asian parents mind that their son needs a haircut.
Guy 1: Dude did you get your hair cut !?
Guy 2: No shit its haircut season
by mrjames81 December 07, 2009
Military over-watch , usually in control of sending helicopters, and missiles.
Bravo four-two: "Bigbird we need a cobra en route to our location"

Bigbird:"Bigbird copies , Cobra inbound"
by mrjames81 January 01, 2010
Time between 9:30-12 , or 1-3 AM if your coming home from a party.
Guy 1:Dude, where is everyone ? No ones online !

Guy 2:Stop bitching, its shower hour .
by mrjames81 March 19, 2010

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