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1. Self lubricating anus found only in yaoiland. Commonly depicted in yaoi doujinshi and manga.

2. Weepy emo uke...So emo that he can be mistaken for a woman with pregnancy hormones. Also found typically in yaoi doujinshi and manga, but also occasionally appears in real life.

See also mangina
Reader 1: Yeowch! Damn, no lube? Bad Seme!
Reader 2: Nah, it's just an assgina, self lubing uke.

Reader 1: Wow, does this uke angst this much all the way through the tankobon?
Reader 2: Yup...He's a total assgina!
#yaoi #uke #seme #lube #mangina
by mreowwl June 12, 2009
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