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Super High Output

Sub series of the midsize Taurus made by Ford. The SHO's engine was a 3.0 V6 built by Yamaha, with overhead-cam cylinder heads, four valves per cyllinder and dual exhausts.

The Taurus SHO included many refinements including......

-larger anti-roll bars
-std. anti-lock brakes
-15 inch aluminum wheels/special high speed v-rated tires

-body addons/'ground effects'
-integral fog lamps
-bucket seats
-center console
-8000rpm Tachometer

The SHO was Ford's attempt to fight back against various European Sport Sedans which were becoming quite popular in the early/mid 1990's (as was the Lumina Euro/LTZ from Chevrolet).
would love to get my hands on a SHO
by mrenigma August 01, 2004
Midsize sedan produced by Chevrolet between 1990 and 2000. Intended to compete directly with the Ford Taurus and Japanese rivals Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord.

Several notable models include the Z34(coupe), 'Euro/Euro 3.4' (coupe/sedan) and the LTZ (sedan).

In 2000, the Lumina was discontinued due to withering sales and Chevy's introduction of a re-born Impala.
Chevy scored with the Lumina
by mrenigma August 02, 2004
The highest rating that can be applied to a Tornado, using the fujita scale.

F5 Tornados have wind speeds in the area of 261-318mph and do incredible amounts of damage.

Sometimes referred to as 'fingers of god'.
An F5 tornado hit Omaha on May 6, 1975......
by mrenigma August 01, 2004

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