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Groats Disease was named after its discoverer, Dick Groat. It is actually a fictional disorder discussed in “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Season 2 Episode 5 titled “The Thong“.
Groats disease is marked by hyperactivity like after 5 cups of coffee. kathy has groats.
by mrbomangles February 02, 2011
the act of ripping a monstrous fart during 69 only to have your girl give it right back at ya.
i thought i let my girl know how much she means to me by ripping a massive air dragon during 69 and she in turn showed me the loopty poot.
by MrBomangles January 23, 2011
dumping a pallet of jizz on an al-queda member.
those disrespectful terrorists get whats coming to them, al jizzera on all of them.
by mrbomangles February 12, 2011
1. a drive by fapping.

2. the act of beating your meat in a car while unsuspecting onlookers witness it.
Sanjaya just pulled a TuFap Shakur on his way into work at the 7-11.
by MrBomangles January 26, 2011
often happens in a blackout, where your power goes down and you cannot watch porn.
Rick: these are some scary times Jim, scary times.

Jim: well it cant be as bad as the porn out of 2002.

Rick:yea i suppose your right
by MRbomangles January 21, 2011
when youve seen a porn thats so horrific you cant get it out of your head.
i got a case of the porn horrifioso today
by MrBomangles January 21, 2011
when someone likes to have cigarettes put out on their butthole.
hey i heard staceys an ashhole.
by MrBomangles January 21, 2011
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