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A desciple of the mormon faith who trolls neighborhoods throughout the day, going door-to-door in an attempt to recruit non-believers
Watch out! Do not look directly into the eyes of the mormonster, lest ye be entrapped in its vile grips!
by mrbobandthehappyvalkyrie December 09, 2008
When two children are born on the same day, both to the same father, but with different mothers
Ray and Oral are Jamaican Twins
by mrbobandthehappyvalkyrie December 10, 2008
The action wherein a pedophile sets out on a journey, the purpose of which is to molest little children.
Mervin put on his pedophile goggles and began his pedotrek by visiting the playground
by mrbobandthehappyvalkyrie December 09, 2008

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