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A website for chatting. Ignore all other places in the site other than the chat section, as they are simply fillers made by mrbasil to waste bandwidth on the intranetz. The original intent of the site was for chatting; AznSeal had ordered mrbasil to create a home for him, but being the fag he is, he ignored the almighty AznSeal and added shitty auction thingie for the game 'MapleStory' (also shitty). The site is spammed with interesting threads, including IRL pic threads and SSBM threads. Be aware that pedophiles lurk around, as kids and teens use the site frequently. A common misconception is that Basilmarket is filled with idiots, but in reality, it is smart people that are pretending to be idiots. So if you thought that, go back to your shithole and eat orange mushrooms or something.
A typical thread in Basilmarket:

Basiler 1: lulz wuld u daet me?
Basiler 2: yea lolz i liv at 23 dundas cr. cum 2marow
Basiler 3: yea lulz u hawt
Basiler 4: No.
by mrbasil May 05, 2008

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