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A term used in Horseracing to determine a fancied horse that may get beaten.

The first shit of the day.
Fuck me, last nights kebab's gone right through me, time for lay of the day. You might want to give the bathroom 10 minutes after I've finished.
by mr_Rodan October 28, 2006
To be drunk absolutely shitfaced in fact.
Lord Scrote, would you care for another gin?

No thanks Miss fotheringay, I'm totally baconfaced and another would make me puke
by mr_Rodan October 25, 2006
A highly irritating 'musician' Once with the hooror of Genesis and later all manner of hell in a solo career.

Fortunately moved out of Britain due to his beloved Conservative party being knocked out of power. His hair continued to fall out and he got dumped by his wife.

The world is a better place without him making music.

His attempts at actin were poor also. See the film 'Buster' and his shockingly appalling effort in Miami vice. This man is evil. Avoid him.
Hey, would you like to listen to 'No jacket required' by Phil collins?

No, I'd rather visit the dentist and have them give me root canal whilst performing a blumpkin.
by mr_Rodan October 29, 2006

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