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What you say when people ask you what you're into
Interviewer: So, William, we'll be interviewing many people for this position. Let's start off light...what are your hobbies and interests?

Slick Willy: I enjoy consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation
by mr.snruB October 07, 2010
What is heard by one about to sustain a serious beating...said by the conductor of the ass whooping
That twink just cut me off! ALL ABOARD THE PAIN TRAIN
by mr.snruB September 07, 2010
What you call your bud when he drops a french grenade and the fart is so bad it smells like he shit his pants.
Friend #1: What smells like Asschwitz in here?

Friend #2: It's me, your buddy Chief Leaky Colon
by mr.snruB November 12, 2010
When you're trying to speed on the highway and some asshole blocks your lane driving at or under the speed limit when they don't have to. Especially frustrating when the road is completely traffic free except for the guy ahead of you
Driver: Fuck!

Passenger: What?

Driver: I'm trying to get to class on time but this mook just cut me off going way too slow

Passenger: You just got car cock blocked

Driver: Feels bad man
by mr.snruB November 12, 2010
Something gay midgets do

So called because most gay folks come out of closets, but the small stature of little people necessitates they come out of someplace smaller
Did you hear about little Jimmy? Suzie told me he was coming out of the cupboard
by mr.snruB November 21, 2010

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