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one who uses the term "hella" all too much.
person 1: hey man, that was hella rad. let's to to the park, we'll have a hella good time.

person 2: wow, you use hella quite a bit. you're such a hellaphant...

by Mr.Peaches January 11, 2008
the essence of being a hooligan.
also acting in the nature of a hooligan.
when full of caffeine, some otherwise normal people have hooliganesque tendancies.

trumpet section leader: i hope the new freshman trumpet players won't be very hooliganeque

lowerclassmen who knows incoming freshman: well, there are one or two that i know of that aren't bad, but from what i've heard, the rest are indeed very hooliganesque.

trumpet section leader: darn...
by mr.peaches June 27, 2007

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