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3 definitions by mr.marrs

coined by bender the bending unit, robotica is the robotic holiday that may or may not include drinking, fornication, and committing various crimes such as murder, robbery, and soliciting prostitution.
bender: happy robotica!!!
by mr.marrs November 21, 2010
5 1
a phrase said usually by one who has had an out of body experience which involves the battle of a taco and a grilled cheese.

it is also used as a phrase of admittance to admit defeat at the hands or shells of 30 taco bell tacos.
me: dude the taco won.

friend: what the fuck, are you high?
by mr.marrs November 24, 2010
3 0
whasamafuck pronounced wus-uh-ma-fuck is what you say when the phrase what the fuck just wont do.

it is also said when you just want the phrase to slide right out and sound somewhat weird
person:dude i just saw amy and your dad

person: "whasamafuck"
by mr.marrs November 21, 2010
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