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A dictionary you will actually enjoy reading.
Guy1: Im going to read the Urban Dictionary
Guy2: Why in the hell would you read a dictionary?
*Guy1 goes to UrbanDictionary.com and looks up Chuck Norris*
Guy2: Now I get it
by mr.ipod February 03, 2009
(Or Facialbooklette)
Another way to say Facebook
George: "I think Its about time I finally check my Facial Booklette . Its been two whole minutes.. I just cant get enough"
by mr.ipod February 03, 2009
A Hilary Duff is someone who tries way to hard to be sexy but fails miserably; she looks like she completely does not want to do it, but does want to do it.
Did you see that new Miley Cyrus video? She was totally being a Hilary Duff!
by mr.ipod February 04, 2009

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