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A poor ass kid who has to pay his family's bill, about $500 a month too. The kid is usually in high school and works at a grocery store, while his mother works two jobs, and gets fired every week. And his "Dad" (not his biological father) grows "spices" (marijuana) in the basement and sells it to private customers. Also, the father is psychotic, and watches porn while his young children are watching and theres a babysitter there.

A Parker would also buy really expensive shoes to try and show he's not poor. Shoes such as RBK Pumps and Air Force Ones. These shoes cause a huge debt for his family.

A Parker will also never shower, and have long diry hair, and also lie constantly. A Parker is usually trying to pick up girls way out of his league too, and gets constant reject.

A Parker's mother will also take you out for dinner, and then ask for $10 when you're done your meal.
"Hey guys, I got a new roof for my house"
"Dude, you just painted it red, don't pull a Parker on us."

"Hey guys, I take baths with my brothers."
"Dude, you just totally pulled a Parker by taking a bath with your brothers."

"Hey guys, my Dad grows spices in the basement."
"It's weed dude. Don't pull a Parker on us."

"Hey guys, I work at the grocery store with my mom"
"Dude, you just pulled a Parker."

"Hey guys, I got dragged across the floor by and old man and liked it"
"Dude, you totally pulled a Parker if you liked it."

"Dude, he's not even your real father."
"YES! Ron is my Dad!"
"That's a total Parker there."

"Hey Daddio!"
"Shut the fuck up, clean up that puke, and don't be a Parker and say daddio!"
by mr.fakes February 12, 2008

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