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3 definitions by mr. voldemort

shitting in a tube sock and freezing it by putting it in the snow, then proceeding to smack someone stone cold in the face with it.
I'm so glad we got hit with a blizzard...now Max can get the most painful dirty bobsled in the history of sock-shitting.
by mr. voldemort December 30, 2010
Puking in a tube sock and smacking someone in the face with it
Max is sleeping so I drank a fifth of vodka...when I puke it up he's getting a nice dirty wall-E.
by mr. voldemort December 28, 2010
a tasty treat consisting of a glazed donut-hole smashed between to soft chocolate chip cookies. Very delicious and make all daddies happy.
Kyle is such a fat bitch, he ate 98 happy daddy's and threw up all over his stepdads couch. He's probably gonna get his ass kicked later.
by mr. voldemort January 19, 2011