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A term used, apparently, only where it snows. A whitewash is when you grab somebody by the back of the head, usually when wrestling, and rub their face into the snow. This is a technique primarily used during snowball fights. Made better when the whitewashee bleeds. Distant relative: the swirly.
Dude, AJ face-planted while boarding today, and Chris whitewashed him on the bunny hill!!
by mr. fluffy December 12, 2006
Hot Married Guy. So hot, but so married.
Holy crap, HMG's here!! Maybe this time I'll get to brush up against him!!
by mr. fluffy November 20, 2006
n. another term for a hangover
"Bill called out sick today?"
"That's fucked up, man. I was pounding car bombs with him until 5 A.M... brew flu?"
by mr. fluffy December 17, 2006
League of Powerful Women, i.e., tough chicks. Cops, fire fighters, EMTs, Marines.
Yo, dude, who are they?

Oh, that's the LPW, Rupert. Hide your drink.
by mr. fluffy December 07, 2006
1. The cloud of saliva that comes out of your mouth every time you sneeze.
2. A fabulously disgusting insult.
Jesus christ, Bob, cover your mouth!! You just got structural spraylayer all over my new leather coat!!

Jane, you're a fucking structural spraylayer.
by mr. fluffy December 12, 2006

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