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a child conceived after obama's win in the general election under the guise of "celebratory sex". most likely an illegitimate child.
person1: hey, did you know tammy is pregnant again?

person2: really? i didn't know her and tyrone got back together.

person1: oh, they didn't. this one is jose's.

person2: hmmm. i thought i saw a different car parked in front of her mom's house.

person1: car? jose drives a truck. that car must be jared's, her current boyfriend.

person2: oh, i see. looks like we should probably get back to work so we can support her obama baby.

person1: yeah. poor kid... he doesn't stand a chance.
by mr. armageddon January 21, 2009
The last few minutes that the bar is open, usually anywhere between 2:00 and 2:30am. All of the good looking girls have been taken home already, leaving just the mingers and operationally attractive.
John: Did you see that ugly broad that came out of Nick's room this morning?
Dave: Yeah he picked her up at garbage time last night.
by Mr. Armageddon February 02, 2007
When a girl is wearing a low-cut shirt and purposefully bends over in front of you, practically begging for you to look at her tits, but she tries to play it off like nothing has happened. Usually done in an effort to attract attention. Derived from the last name of a former secretary of the Columbus Clippers.
Office productivity may be at an all-time high since that ditzy secretary left, but I sure do miss the daily blairings.
by Mr. Armageddon February 08, 2007

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