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Italian goods manufactured in China. Sold on the premise that they are Italian, but actually come from China.
My wife fell in love with a pair of Italian boots, but was disappointed to find they were Chitalian.

That chick was hot in her Chitalian leather coat.

After paying a heap of money for those Italian heels, Suzie was pissed to find they were Chitalian.
#italian #china #manufactured #fake #knockoffs
by MR WOLF May 01, 2011
Renting a POD container to move your stuff. PODs are delivered to your driveway for you to load up. Once loaded the POD is picked up and sent to your new crib.
Stan's family is going to POD up and move to California.
Wolf said, "Let's POD up ourselves, not use a mover, and save money."
After their POD up move, Steve wanted to keep the POD and park his ATV and motorcycle in it.
#crib #move #stuff #crap #lift
by MR WOLF March 24, 2008
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