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A mixture of Collaboration and Project.
Sean: Hey, you're an artist, I'm an artist. Let's get together for a collaboject!

Daphne: Can we just fuck instead?
by mpir October 20, 2009
I go home now.
M: Hey, cutie. How are you?

W: Leave me alone, creep.

M: IGHN :(
by mpir June 19, 2009
Random Online Act of Kindness
I was online today and some dude totally uploaded the mp3 I was looking for ages! ROAK! <3
by mpir October 23, 2009
A 'loc'al. A person from the local neighborhood.
Yo loc, what's happening? Let's go check out that new starbucks up the street. Hear there's some locs that need a cap bust in they ass that hang there. Also I hear the new Mocha-Berry fraps are delicious.
by MPIR May 14, 2009
Someone that's not a fag, but yet not not one either. That person is a fao.
"Look at big kevski throwin paper on that lawn." "Yeah, what a fao!"
by mpir February 05, 2009
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