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4 definitions by move zig

large, narrowly focused skank who only cares about gratifying her own needs
HAWHAWHAW..I want some pizza and Pepsi and some dope and sex with negros!!!
by move zig September 26, 2003
738 91
Large American automobile made by GM
Big Suzy had a brown Oldsmobile Delta 88 that had previously belonged to an insurance agent.
by move zig September 30, 2003
657 29
Process of allocating money from your weak, skank ass job in order to buy food, pay rent, car payments and insurance and still have enough to buy party supplies.
Man, after paying my bills with that paycheck from Mack Donalds, I only have $3 to party on.
by move zig September 27, 2003
68 36
Whuffo be shizzle nizzle..?
Never mind, that's just ebonics
by move zig September 26, 2003
31 5