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2 definitions by mostlyincorrectdefinition

what happens to you when you give an acceptance speech in front of Kanye West
Imma letchu finish, but it's important for you to know that I, kanye west, have a burning uncontrollable desire to make an ass of myself in the most hilarious and racist way possible. Taylor since you aren't yet famous enough, here's a little bit more fame to help you feel better about being embaressed in front of the whole world. Don't feel so bad, you'll make millions off this.
by mostlyincorrectdefinition December 30, 2010
A burger that doesn't have any Roeth in it. Or simply just a cheeseburger. It is rumored that McDonald's is going to add Roethlessburgers to their happy meals, in which case the toy would be a rape whistle.
Mommy! I got a rape whistle with my Roethlessburger!
by mostlyincorrectdefinition January 23, 2011