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A jock is someone that enjoys ravaging other jocks that are all sweaty and dirty on a field. They like to then take a group shower with there fellow jock friends and play little faggot games with them by slapping their ass with a towel, while saying the phrase "Good game!" Jocks also like to show how tuff they are by picking on the smallest guy in the school. "Wow that really takes courage to pick on a guy like that!" Jocks are also immature assholes that can only insult you, if he has his other 6 friends with him to back him up. They also brag about all the shit they have in life that is better then everyone else., And they like to date all the girls that have every STD ever discovered. But in the end, when you grow up and go to a fast food restaurant or a grocery store, you will see them being your bitch, like bagging your groceries or making you food.
Jocks are faggots
by moshpitgod December 11, 2009

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