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ABJDs' (Asian ball-joint dolls) are rapidly becoming popular with teenagers and college students. They are dolls that come from companies in Korea, Japan, and China along with a couple in the United States, and look very different from the chubby porclein dolls we all know. They are made of resin and are very skinny and more then likely androginously pretty.They are becoming increasingly popular all over the world.
ABJD is a very slimly built doll, anatomically correct, who range in realisim. They're joints are mobile like humans so they can pose, stand, sit, etc. They range in sizes from a few cm to around 70cm.
Faces are customizable along with eyes, clothing, wigs, and somtimes body parts such as ears and teeth.
by morea June 25, 2006
comes from the word grood it is used as a RESPONSE when the word grood has been said; it can also be used as a substitute for grood when you are speaking to a large amount of people.
1.) Person 1 - "How are you?"
Person 2 - "I am grood!"
Person 1 - "Grooda!"
2.)"Hello and welcome! We will all have a grooda time today if everyone listens..."
by Morea March 26, 2005

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