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twitter hashtag for when you just want to pass out and cry.
got messed up at a football tailgate. too much whiskey. time to #poac.
by mooseshadows November 30, 2012
going to a football tailgate, hooking up with a random skank, making out with her before you girl friend catches you. drinking 2 shots of Jameison and then passing out in somebody's pick up truck while crying.
Dude, dont invite that Andrew dude to any more FSU tailgates. He'll just show up and then pass out and cry.
by mooseshadows November 29, 2012
Hooking up with a rando you met on a message board and broadcasting it via Google Hangout.
Dude, did you hear Tyler Durden actually thought he was trolling FirstAnMonday but hooking up with Olive in that cabin hot tub? Turned out to be Spider 3 Y Banana reverse troll on him after she gave him that STD. ROFLCOPTERSAURESEX! She totally Hot Tub Slime Machined his ass!
by mooseshadows February 24, 2015
A cat from Alabama, Yellow in color, loving in nature. And a fierce hunter of mice.
Yella Cat came in to our lives like a song and left behind a melody we shall never forget.
by mooseshadows January 13, 2015
A huge slut of a girl that you can get to come over simply by whistling at her.
I cant believe Ben is actually going to sects up that slam donkey. All he did was look at her and that whistle pig was jumping into his PT Cruiser in no time.
by mooseshadows March 05, 2015
when your wife or significant other is not in the mood for sex so tries to shut you up for the night by giving you a dry hand job.
Dude, Rick needs to find a side piece or something. Just texted me that his wife was too tired for sex so he had to settle for the Denver Rock Slide. Poor bastard is better off fapping it to some Game of Thrones books.
by mooseshadows March 16, 2015
The act of getting a skanky female bartender's press-on nail stuck in your rectum during coitus.
Man, did you see Ty during happy hour today? He was squirming around in his bar seat. Him and Rachel the bartender must have gone Famous Anus last night.
by mooseshadows December 19, 2012

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