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One of the most crime ridden, poverty stricken cities in the US. Per capita, it has the highest drug, murder, and crime rate in the nation. Used to be the outlet capital of the world, and now is nearly without any business or workers. Here welfare equals daily wages and shootings are considered population control. If you are not hispanic, do not attract attention to yourself here...
Reading high school student found shot and tied up in the back of an SUV, presumably owing someone drug money.
by moose56 May 27, 2005
When a girl goes down on a guy and he ejaculates in her eye, causing a severe burning sensation, and a subsequent winking of one eye -- much like a Colonel's Monocle.
As I walked out of my room at 3:00 am to take a wiz, I noticed my roommate’s girlfriend standing at the sink, flushing her eye out. I asked, "Colonel Mustard?" And she replied, in a saddened a whimper, "mmmhmmmm."
by moose56 March 01, 2006
A tiny town east of Reading, PA which is totally rural, white, and "hickish." Though urbanites would loathe it here, the residents thrive as there are no police or true regulations. Drinking, pig roasts, fireworks, guns, and horse shoes rule the party scene.
After six of us went trespassing in Mr. Smith's field on the Kawasaki Mule, we put a cherry bomb in his mailbox -- just some Pricetown kids having some fun
by moose56 May 27, 2005

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