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6 definitions by moomintroll

A mother committed to long-term breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and carrying her babe in a sling. A proponent of Attachment-style Parenting. Other interests include green issues, and new-age feminism. Most commonly seen with long flowing hair, bare-feet, and baby suckling on her exposed breast. Yay!
Wow, look at that woman feeding her baby the way nature intended - she's one fine earth mama...
by moomintroll May 26, 2005
53 16
Small, baby boy - of the breastfed variety.
See also plob, splob, bobbin and ker-bobbin
Oh, plobbin, you're so squishy!
by moomintroll May 26, 2005
0 0
Small baby boy, in full-action mode.
See also plob, splob, plobbin, and bobbin
He's been real ker-bobbin today 'aint he!?
by moomintroll May 26, 2005
0 1
Small, baby boy - feeling a bit grumpy.
He's a bit splob today.
by moomintroll May 26, 2005
1 2
Small baby boy - looking particularly like a pixie.
See also plob, splob, plobbin and ker-bobbin
He's tha speshal bobbin...
by moomintroll May 26, 2005
16 23
Small, baby boy.
See also plobbin, splob, bobbin, and ker-bobbin
Wait a minute, I'm just going to feed the plob...
by moomintroll May 26, 2005
6 20