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Hardly music at is "purest form", Rock Music is part of the Popular Market of music, and is also included in many forms of Pop and Country Music. Rock Music is slightly overrated in terms of its prowess. While there are many sub-genres of Rock as people proclaim, a majority of Rock falls into a category of four guys with electric guitars, drums, and throat pitched lead vocals. Rock music and its variant forms run the gamut from love, hate, life circumstances, and all kinds of emotions, yet you can find these in other popular genres of music as well. Contrary to popular belief, Rock music is not simply derived from African-American Rhythm and Blues played at a faster tempo. Much of Rock music is stolen from the Country and Western genre, including most of the guitar riffs, the song constructions, and the use of hooks in songs.

Hank Williams Sr, was undoubtedly, the first Rock n' Roller, combining pure mountain folk/country music with a heavy blues and spiritual influence. Rock Music is toted today by mostly white upper middle class kids from the suburbs, trying to rebel against their parents. However, Rock tends to leave people with more grown up and adult tastes in music high and dry, with a few exceptions from alternative and independent Rock music groups. Much of Rock music is substandard in terms of talent, while most Country artists can sing well and perform well live, many Rock bands lack any exceptional musical skill, and this is evident of their live performances. However, Rock music is more an attitude than anything else, and it allows freedom to express anger and rage, which is common among young males in our society.
Rock music is a highly accepted form of Popular music used by kids to feel special.
by mookva September 06, 2009

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