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Making special trips to visit shut-down insane asylums. Can be done in real life or in virtual life. Virtual Asylum Tourism allows a wider range of travel and prevents risk from hazards like asbestos, arrest, and collapsing stairways, but it lacks the sickening real-life terror that follows exposure to these places. A variant is collecting books featuring images of asylums, but this is not quite as bent as purchasing airplane tickets.
*Hey, sis, I need to get away from it all.
*Well, let's head up to Danvers State before they bulldoze the Kirkbride and build some unique luxury condos! Asylum Tourism always cheers you up!
by mookamutt April 30, 2007
Hairpiece; toupe. Worn by either gender. Use follows failure of the comb-over. Favored by males who run personal ads in free local publications advertising eviction sales, bull roasts, and stained couches(free to good homes). A do-it-yourself scalp rat can be had for free in certain neighborhoods if you know your way around a bowie knife.
Hey handsome, your scalp rat doesn't go with the rest of your hair.

Is that a scalp rat on your head or do you have a rodent problem at home?

Oh no, the wind blew off her custom scalp rat!
by mookamutt April 27, 2007

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