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excess pubic hair around a man's genital area, poking out of underwear
his jockstrap foliage was way out of control - kept poking me in the eye
by Mooji October 01, 2006
a girl that is independent, funky and sassy
damn, she's a hot mooji
by mooji April 29, 2007
a pole shaped stick, usually from a household item such as a broom or a mop, broken away to form a defensive device known as a "naughty neighbour twatting stick"
The item must be clearly labelled as such, as is used to wave away (or twat) nasty and naughty neighbours in council flats.
mooji - can you hear them trying to kick my door in?
dirtyfur - quick get the naughty neighbour twatting stick
by mooji September 16, 2007

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