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flirts with anything with a pulse (male or female)
likes to touch people up in textiles (male or female)
has a different girlfriend every week (female)
plays drums (badly)
play guitar (ok, he's good at that)
amazing at art
is a mini joey tribbiani (jnr)
sion - (raises eyebrows in a seductive manner) hello!
whoever he's flirting with (male answer) - fuck off sion!
(female who fancies him's answer) - hi!
(female who doesn't fancy him's answer) - piss off
by moogy poop February 28, 2004
quirky yet wikid member of the general public
is groovedy
is not weird
hates chocolate but likes boys
look, its bethan being bethan-like
by moogy poop February 16, 2004
awesomely lush with amazing eyeliner
also very very good looking even with beads in his beard
johnny depp rocks
he has great eyeliner
i wonder where he got it...?
by moogy poop February 16, 2004
a group of 6, fondly known as "those girls". they are 6 girls from 2 different classes (a bit like romeo and juliet, only there are three from each family...?) they have fun and mishaps and should star in their own comic of adventures.
they are also "carers" of klixee (also known as clicsi, clicksy) who follows the six around the schoolyard, slowing them down on their way to saving the world and getting a decent meal.
there are six colours in the crayolians club, fondly known as "the crayola club"
blue, pink, red, orange, green and yellow.
no matter what anyone tells you, aquamarine is NOT a member (are you klixee?)
klixee - "i'm aquamarine!"
crayolians - "no klixee, you are NOT"

pink - "quick, the klixee is coming! run and jog children!"

blue - "sign up for the annual crayola club trip!"

and they generally just sit beneath the tree and have a laugh (when they are not hugging it or running from klixee)
by moogy poop July 29, 2004
austin powers in disguise. needs confidence when in front of a big audience but otherwise is great at drama. can be seen in thomas's shadow and can be spotted in llangennith, riding the waves or whatever they do while surfing.
cian - yeah baby!
rest of school - hahahaha...
by moogy poop February 28, 2004

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